Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exploring the "Fingers"...

...That is the Finger Lake District in New York, the 11 skinny blue streaks carved by glaciers that meander through the middle part of the state. The region is a pastoral patchwork of lakefront villages, grand Victorian homes, farms, and forests.

A Brief History of the Region

The Finger Lakes region was a central part of the Native American tribe the Iroquis tribes' homeland. As one of the most powerful nations during colonial times, the Iroquois were able to prevent European colonization of the Finger Lakes region for almost two hundred years after first contact. The American Revolutionary War divided the Iroquis tribes as some sided with the British and others with the Americans. The Iroquis' hold over the region was effectively broken in the late 1770s by skirmishes between British-allied Iroquis and American frontier settlers.

On the Itinerary

In addition to touring the small towns, old mansions, cycling, swimming and kayaking in the lakes, I will visit the birthplace of the women's suffrage movement at the Women's Rights National Historical Park (, which is located in Seneca Falls and includes the home of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Wesleyan Chapel where she held the first convention on women's rights in 1848.

And there is no stopping me from going to the Corning Museum of Glass, which houses one of the best collections of art and historical glass with more than 45,000 glass objects, spanning 3,500 years of glassmaking history ( Conceived of as an accredited educational institution and founded in 1950 by the Corning Glass Works, the Museum is a non-profit institution that preserves and expands the world's understanding of glass.


Pictures and more details of the vacation and ensuing activites to come!

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